X-PAD 365

User friendly cloud-service in realtime

With GeoMax X-PAD 365, the web-based GeoMax cloud platform, you have a simple and intuitive tool in your hands. This gives you the ability to easily manage your data, access it in real time and transfer data to devices anywhere, anytime. The advantage of this platform is also a complete backup of your measured data, which ensures the reliability and integrity of your work.

Flexible acces to your data everywhere

Have you ever been frustrated by not having the necessary data at hand? X-PAD 365 is the answer. With this file management solution, you get a central place for storing, sharing and editing your data. In this way, the Geomax X-PAD 365 Cloud service functions as the bridge between the office and the workplace, ensuring constant updates and guaranteeing that you are always working with the latest information.


Effective communication and teamwork

An integral part of X-PAD 365, X-CHAT offers a group chat where you can communicate, share live data and important points. With X-CHAT's user-friendly interface, team members can navigate through the chat history, mark important messages and associate relevant files or data directly in the chat. This reduces time spent searching for important information and makes decision making more streamlined.

Webinar: Optimize your workproces with Geomax 365 Cloud Service

Join us in December when Maxpartner kicks off our first webinar and learn more about GeoMax X-PAD 365. This web-based cloud platform provides you with a user-friendly tool that makes it easy for you to manage your data, access it in real time and send it to any GeoMax controller, anywhere, anytime.

Date: Choose between 5 Dec or 7 Dec 2023
Time: 09:30
Duration: Approximately 30 min.

Read more and sign up here:

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