Avoid delays and mistakes!

Measuring in an open pit is a challenge for sewage systems, as time is limited and the pit must be closed quickly. Long waiting times often lead to missing measurements and poor documentation.

There is a great demand for the placement of existing lines, wells, branch pipes and branch lines. It is difficult to secure these locations before work begins, so visibility and an overview are important. Lack of visibility can lead to incorrect locations or forgetfulness during installations, which can damage subsequent work.

Precise measurements and documentation

Maxpartner offers GPS solutions for direct measurement and placement on the site. Our user interface is simple and intuitive, which makes it easy to record precise measurements and ensure high quality in the documentation. You can export data in your preferred format directly from your controller.

It has never been easier to carry out your own measurements without compromising on quality. With the latest technology and user-friendly solutions, we ensure that the equipment easily helps with the documentation of your tasks.

GeoMax Zenith60 W. TILT

Setprice From.                                                                       
Leasing price pr. month v/ 60 mdr.   kr.      2.469,00
Leasing price pr. month v/ 36 mdr.   kr.      3.769,00


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