Makin’ Survey

Makin' Stakeout

Makin' Survey is Makin's rover solution for surveying tasks such as specifying points or lines, changing or extending design data or documenting the work done. With Makin' Survey, the surveyor can collaborate with the machine operator and with the foreman.

Maximize your investment

Makin offers a unique product portfolio that is based on the same software and hardware platform, giving you maximum utility of your investment. The Makin screen can be used on all Makin systems: Makin' Excavator, Makin' Survey and Makin' PerFormans.

Product features

  • First class rover with stable position
  • Get optimal cooperation on the construction site
  • Unique handling of control data
  • Integration to third-party applications
  • Makin' Cloud as an integral part of the solution
  • All measured points on a project can be shared

High Quality - fair price

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