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Planning the stakeout and measurement of building and construction projects can pose a significant challenge. You may already be familiar with questions like this: "How many meters of curbs have been placed?" "How much gravel have we moved?" or "Did you remember to measure and check the well?". There are countless tasks to handle and tight schedules to meet, making juggling these demands a constant balancing act.

effective stakeout and surveying

With a Contractor solution, you get a user-friendly platform for more efficient stakeout and surveying. With our solutions, you can easily import and handle complex drawings and manage relevant elements. After the job, you can quickly measure and export updated drawings and make precise calculations of area and volume. Our solutions reduce the need for stakeout sticks, waiting time and simplifying the documentation process. be more efficiently and focus on the results without unnecessary challenges.

GeoMax Zenith60 W. TILT

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Leasing price pr. month v/ 60 mdr.            kr.      2.469,00
Leasing price pr. month v/ 36 mdr.            kr.      3.769,00


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