About us

About Maxpartner

Maxpartner offers sales, service and advice of user-friendly hardware for the construction industry in Denmark. Our core values are accessibility and fast service and support. We believe it is essential to fulfill our ambition to become customers' strongest and most reliable instrument and accessory partner.

Your trusted surveyor

With Maxpartner, you are guaranteed an overview and security, so you can concentrate on developing and optimizing your business. In addition to user-friendly hardware, we also advise when carrying out land surveying tasks and CAD drawings. Our team consists of experienced specialists and support technicians who are passionate and ready to deliver top-class service.

Part of HLM Group

Because we are part of the HLM Group, we can combine solutions and services so that they become unique and relevant to many segments of the market. It provides access to broad knowledge that can operate 360° on the customer's geographic data, so that they gain control over the entire value chain and thereby ensure uptime and full utilization of our solutions.