Do your own stakeout and control

There is often a need for smaller stakeouts and ongoing control at construction sites. Without a surveyor, this can result in a huge coordination task or waiting time at the site. Sometimes it is difficult to secure markings, so continuous stakeouts is preferred.

Precise and effecient construction solutions

With Maxpartner's construction solution, you can precisely carry out layouts and checks with millimeter accuracy. Our user-friendly platform easily guides you through the tasks. Complex drawings can be imported from online cloud services such as Dropbox and OneDrive or as attachments in emails. You can manage relevant elements for your work task and create easy-to-understand drawings for the stakeouts. Avoid waiting time and coordination by continuously carrying out your own stakeouts and checks. You will always be up to date with the location of controls and see where the next elements need to be mounted.

GeoMax Zoom95 total station 1000 m

Set price 3” TPS.                         
Leasing price pr. month from             kr. 3.599,00


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