Water and heating

Registration without hassle

Accurate registration is essential when measuring new installations or renovations. This is important both to meet the requirements for LER and to be able to carry out quantity calculations. Traditionally, surveying is done by a surveyor, but today it is not only done by professionals, therefore ease of use is essential.

One solution fore your setup

With Maxpartner you get reliable wire registration. We collaborate with some of the country's largest data processors, which provides extensive knowledge and code lists for your setup. Regardless of whether you want to export measurements to your data warehouse or process them yourself, we have the right format for you.

Our solution for water and heat ensures that you can carry out the measurement when it suits you. In addition to wire registration, you can also generate length and area reports that you can use for your project calculations.

GeoMax Zenith06

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Leasing price pr. month v/ 60 mdr.                 kr.   1.490,00
Leasing price pr. month v/ 36 mdr.                 kr.   2.299,00


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