X-Pad fusion

Efficient data processing and automation

With the Geomax Xpad Fusion in your hands, you can easily and efficiently process data, check project information, generate machine control files and collect measurements from the rover. Calculating volumes and areas as well as generating drawings becomes a breeze as you avoid the hassle of manual calculations and enjoy the benefits of automated data processing.

Optimized data management and improved results

With Xpad Fusion's user-friendly interface, you have complete control over your collected data. You can effortlessly manage and validate the data with high precision, ensuring reliable results and minimizing the risk of errors and inconsistencies in your data. You also have the option to generate machine management files that can be optimized for your machines. This means you save time and achieve improved results.


Complete control over data

With Xpad Fusion, you can also easily collect measurements from the rover. You no longer have to juggle between multiple devices or cumbersome data transfers. Everything you need is at your fingertips, giving you hassle-free and efficient data collection.

Geomax Xpad Fusion is the secure solution that gives you total control over your tasks. Increase accuracy, improve productivity and achieve efficient results with this versatile tool.

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