2D Machine control

2D machine control

Increase your effecieny and maximize the excavators productivity with Makin Excavator 2D-solution. The Makin 2D-excavator has a uniq and intuitive visualization of the projects, and it offers an seemless working process on the buildingsite- this solution can easily be upgraded to a 3D solution.

Improvement of the excavators performance

The system is easy to setup, and the system also support tilt, tiltrotator and dual-configurations. The high quality and great visualization optimizes your excavators productivity and ensure maksimal runtime. Grading in different directions and guidance in realtime gives the machine operator usefull informationthat makes it easy to complete the job.

Product features

  • Full 2D-support
  • Increased secuity - because of manual height checks is avoided
  • Flexible machine configuration
  • Supports tilt, rotator, double boom
  • Intuitive visualization of your entire construction project
  • Customer profiles can be created on the spot
  • Grading in several directions
  • Indication of grading, height and orientation in real time

Quality to a fair price

At Maxpartner you receive transparent prices, which ensure calrity, we at Maxpartner wants to deliver products and solution for a fair price. Download our pricelist for a detailed overview of our products and services.


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