Adaptation to your needs

Stakeout and measurement assignments can vary greatly from customer to customer. The tasks are not always ready in advance, and there is often a need for measuring or placing at different locations on the construction site. Frequent data revisions requires rapid deployment of the changes in the field. Delivery of data must follow new standards and specific formats.

Optimize your surveying

With a solution within surveying assignments from Maxpartner you will be able to handle complex drawingson your controller. The drawings is downloaded from the cloud or via email. Unwanted elements kan be turned of in the CAD tool on the controller. line displacement and stakeout points can be fixed swiftly. you can make your own codelist or you can be provided with one from Maxpartner. Data is exported easily to cloud or by email.

Maxpartner offers a full surveyor solution for GNSS-measurements and to the more complex stakeout assignments with totalstations. Maxpartner delivers a user friendly interface will guide you. Extremely fair prices witout comprimicing the quality is delivered to the market.

Package price GPS and total station

Buy GPS Z60 + TPS Zoom95 3” 1000 m as a package.

Set price from.
Leasing price pr. month v/ 60 mdr.                  kr.   5.292,00
Leasing price pr. month v/ 36 mdr.                  kr.   8.266,00


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