Auto Registration

Auto Registration with Makin'

With makin's brand new feature Makin Surface you have the ability to easily and simply have Makin 3D machine control generate auto-registration to design surfaces. It provides completely new opportunities to always have full control over your excavation levels, which always have the best basis for quality assurance.

You are guaranteed the best starting point for volume calculations at soft buttoms excavations, or simply the excavation of different layers of constructions.

Optimized machine operation with advanced GPS technology

Auto-detect is a process where machines automatically detect and adapt to ground conditions. This enables the machines to work optimally, reduce overlap and save resources. Makin's systems use advanced GPS technology and precision navigation to achieve precise and accurate operation. By using the advanced GPS technology and precision navigation, machines can work with high accuracy, reducing unnecessary work and saving valuable resources.


Technology fore the future

In the future, auto registration and machine control technology will continue to evolve, and Makin' will be a key contributor to this development with their innovative auto registration systems. The systems have intuitive interfaces and analysis tools that make it easy to monitor and optimize operations.

Quality to a fair price

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