Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

These sales and delivery conditions apply to all offers, sales from the webshop, and other services, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Seller and the Buyer.

Legal information on Seller:

Maxpartner ApS
Roskildevej 342D, 1.
2630 Taastrup
CVR: 41400676

The seller only has business operators, public organizations and institutions with a CVR number as customers. A Buyer must therefore be either a trader, public organization or institution with a CVR number.

1. Offer and submission of order
1.1. The advertisements on the goods as well as the individual goods on our webshop must only be seen as an invitation to make an offer on the part of the Buyer.
1.2. When the Buyer chooses to place an order for a given item via our webshop, the Buyer agrees that the order is only finally binding for the Seller as soon as the Buyer has received an order confirmation from the Seller.
1.3. If the Buyer requests a written offer from the Seller, the offer made by the Seller is valid for 30 days from the date of the Seller's offer unless otherwise stated in writing in the offer.
2. Prices
2.1. On the Seller's webshop, all prices - by default - are stated in DKK and excl. VAT and excl. freight.
2.2. The buyer has the option to deviate from clause 2.2. so that the price is shown in EUR rather than DKK. In this connection, the seller determines the conversion rate himself.
3. Freight and delivery
3.1. For orders received no later than 13.30 on a weekday, the Seller endeavors to send the order on the same day or the following weekday.
3.2. If the ordered item(s) are backordered by the Seller, the item will be shipped as soon as possible thereafter. The Buyer will be informed by the Seller if the goods ordered are backordered with an expected date of dispatch from the Seller.
3.3. If dispatch takes more than 30 days from order confirmation, both Seller and Buyer have the option to cancel the purchase by written notice to the other party.
3.4. Seller ships to delivery addresses in Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the EU.
3.5. Orders that are to be sent to a delivery address in Denmark are generally delivered one to two business days after dispatch from the Seller.
3.6. The Seller can specify the transport time for orders to be sent to an address outside Denmark at the request of the Buyer.
3.7. The Buyer pays shipping and packaging costs, which are calculated when the Buyer places an order via the Seller's webshop or appear directly from the offer made by the Seller. Costs for any customs duties and other charges are borne by the Buyer, and are unrelated to the Seller.
3.8. As soon as the Seller has handed over the shipment, including shipments related to complaints, to an external carrier, the risk for the shipment, including the accidental loss of the shipment, passes to the Buyer. A possibly transport insurance is only taken out at the Buyer's express request and in that case at the Buyer's expense.
3.9. If the external carrier does not meet the expected delivery time, the Seller cannot be held responsible for this. The Buyer has no rights of default in the event of delay vis-à-vis the Seller.
4. Payment
4.1. When the Buyer places an order via the Seller's webshop, the Buyer must basically pay via Dankort, Visa or MasterCard, and possibly payment card fees are passed on to the Buyer. The Seller invoices the Buyer upon dispatch of the order, and in this connection deducts the purchase amount from the provided payment card.
4.2. When the Buyer places an order via the Seller's webshop, the Buyer can be granted a credit of 14 days, where the Buyer is invoiced when the order is dispatched with a payment deadline of 14 days from the invoice issue. This continues a prior approval on the part of the Seller, where the Seller - in cooperation with the Buyer - carries out a credit assessment of the Buyer.
4.3. For purchases made outside the Seller's webshop, the Buyer will be invoiced when the order is dispatched with a payment deadline of 14 days from the invoice issue.
5. Retention of title
5.1. The seller reserves full ownership of the purchased item(s) until full payment has taken place.
6. Right of withdrawal and right of return
6.1. The buyer has no right of withdrawal or return.
7. Complaints and supplier guarantee
7.1. The Buyer is obliged to advertise to the Seller no later than 8 days after the external carrier has delivered the order to the delivery address. If the complaint deadline is exceeded, the complaint will be invalid.
7.2. The buyer is directed to follow any user manuals, catalogs and brochures that are delivered with the purchased item, and to obtain the necessary information about the area of application and correct use of the purchased items. If the product is not used in accordance with the area of application or according to the instructions, the complaint will be considered invalid.
7.3. The Seller assumes no responsibility for the content of catalogues, brochures and other information that the Buyer has obtained from the Seller's suppliers.
7.4. The seller assumes no responsibility for any gratuitous verbal or so-called